Making A Difference with Connections

One of the pleasures of my job Chiswick School is the ability to connect with people and use those connection to enhance the students lives with whom I come in contact with on a daily basis.  The other amazing pleasure I have is the chance to meet people who share the same passions of making the world a smaller, nicer place and to help allow students to experience opportunities which without those connections they would never have.

One such opportunity occurred for me which I could never have seen coming.  This is why I tell my students always try to put your best foot forward regardless of what you are doing because you never know who is watching.  I gave a presentation for Solutions, Inc (link here) recently and Matt Mead(LinkedIn profile here) from the Chelsea Football Club Foundation was in the audience.  Well Matt is responsible for educational strategy and policy across Chelsea Football Club Foundation.

Matt contacted me via Twitter and we found that we have the same passions and decided to do something about it.  Well just so happen Matt’s organization, Chelsea Football Club Foundation was launching their Enterprise competition and I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for Chiswick School’s Business department to take part in. Once the business department decided they wanted to take the challenge it was a done deal.

Matt, Sam and Carl

Matt, Sam and Carl

So on Thursday 23 of October, we took some of our students to visit Chelsea Football club and man were we excited. Upon arrival we met Matt, Sam, Carl and James (not in this picture) who spend the day with us and an amazing day it was.

Before we got officially started, Matt gave us a small tour in the Hall of Fame which the students got the opportunity to see both pass and present jerseys of players, video of past games and other priceless mementos of Chelsea’s past and present history.


We had he opportunity to take pictures with the trophy which was nice.

Then it was time for breakfast.  The students loved that there was food provided for them along with what ever drink they liked.  Ms Momoh and I talked about how professional Matt and his team was. Every detail taken care from the time we arrived to the moment we left. Priceless! Thanks a million Matt, Sam, James and Carl.


From there the students listened to an introduction from Matt and then Carl and Sam spoke about the details of the program.

Introduction to program

Group work

Student's Presentation

After that it was on to the main day task of the day. The students  worked in teams trying to come up with solutions to how Chelsea could use social media to better engage with their target audience.  There were some amazing solutions given by the students who just completely blew us away. Some answers were answers that were totally from a students point of view that we would have never thought of.  Fantastic answers but the icing on the cake for me was how professionally the students presented those idea to us. Target audience covered, social media covered and all answers link to not only getting the football crowd engaged physically by carrying out certain tasks, but emotionally invested,making the club better for all.

One of the fascinating comments I heard from one of our students that day was Sir, “I thought it was just the football player who ran the club. I didn’t know it took so many people to run a club.” Well for me that made the day worth the trip. Learning experiences which will remain with them forever. It is moments like this that makes my job like totally worthwhile. Totally!!!!!

Students interviewed on Chelsea TVAnother really kool opportunity the students had was to be interviewed on Chelsea TV.  They did a fabulous job. The TV reported commented on how professional the students were and that their answers were just amazing. The interviews should be out soon. Students are really looking forward to them.

Chelsea TV

After the presentations, we had the opportunity to go down to the grounds so the students could experience what it is like to be on that level. An amazing experience as I quite sure not many people have had the opportunity our students had.

On the grounds with the students.

On the grounds with the students.


The student were very excited to have the opportunity to be at Chelsea and I wish to thank Matt and his team for an exciting and inspirational day. Thanks buddy!


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