Getting Started with Adobe Presenter

Getting started

Getting started

Now that we have read and reviewed the other sections available in this blog, the Adobe Presenter PresentationsArranging the MeetingThe Adobe Presenter Toolbar and Working with Audio and Adobe Presenter, its finally time to open up Adobe Presenter and get started.  Just a few items that we need to make sure we have done before we start working with the  Adobe Presenter toolbar.

    • make sure you have your illustrations (drawings) done which are annotated, showing each item on every page such as video and text and showing the position of each item on each of your pages.  If you make a change somewhere, that’s great  because it could means that you have really thought about the project in a deep manner.  If not, then hey you got it right as far as you are concerned. (possible changes could come when the teacher you are working with changes their mind about an item)

2014-02-15 14.13.42

    • make sure you have added notes to each of the PowerPoint slides along with adding titles to each of the  slides in Outline view.
Using the Outline feature in PowerPoint

Using the Outline feature in PowerPoint

Hey, OK I’m excited to get started.  Now that you have opened an existing PowerPoint presentation or created one, save it and carried out the above steps (phew!!) We are ready. Finally!!


The first step when you open up Microsoft PowerPoint is to click on the Adobe Presenter tab.  On this tab is where you will carryout all the tasks you wish to complete.  Once finishing the editing you will then export the final presentation out for your students. To see a tutorial on how to set the settings then, please click here or the image above.  In this tutorial we will setup the metadata for our Adobe Presenter presentation.  We can add information such as our name, attach files, add your email address and more.
To hear how we are using Adobe Presenter at Chiswick School, then please click here.


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