Arranging the Meeting

rlSetting up the first meeting and understanding the resources


In the second part of our series we will look at arranging the meeting with the teacher and the design process.

Before the 1st meeting I always purchase or acquire a quality note or sketchpad. Quality because the work I’m helping the teacher create is changing their student’s lives. So when we are beginning the initial process  it is essential that I create a vision in the teacher’s mind of what the curriculum (product) will look like. This requires quality materials, as my mom always use to say quality in you get quality out. Plus we are establishing a first class work environment from the start.  In my experience if you can see it, you can create it and then you can believe it.  So my solution is to help the teacher first visualize the product, their curriculum and then turn it into something special.

In order to arrange a meeting with the teacher, I usually find them in the cafe during  break-time, in their classrooms, walking the hallways or anywhere they are.  After the initial meeting we arrange to communicate through email or set meetings.  While arranging the first meeting I ask the teacher to bring a few things:

  • their curriculum – they need  to think about the section or sections they want to use for their Adobe Presenter Presentation. By having the curriculum this gives me an overview of what the teacher is teaching over a period of time and how it fits into the bigger scheme of things.
  • an open mind – remember if you have never seen it, then there is a good chance you don’t know what it looks or feel like. That is my job, to help the teacher see their student’s future in terms of how we will create the digital content.
  • a lesson plan – reason for the lesson plan is because it is usually for a single lesson that has been throughout and concise.  It usually always has a starter, main part of the lesson, plenary and resources.  This really helps when we are constructing the future vision of our product.
  • true personalized learning – the most important thing to me during the whole creation process is that we are ensuring that the materials are personalized and suitable for purpose, which includes our students.

Once I have a good understanding  of what the teacher requires the next step is the design phrase.

The Design Phrase

During this process we sit down and sketch out the teachers ideas.  All drawings are annotated so we understand the what text is required, video are needed, size of fonts, the font themselves, audio and any other items we will include. Each page is done this way so there are no surprises for anyone. We look at the PowerPoint Presentations and make sure they have notes, heading, body text and that everything is consistent throughout the presentation. This is important because all these items are extremely importantly when publishing the Adobe Presenter Presentations.

2014-02-15 14.13.42

When we are designing the presentations we always keep the main goals in mind which are to create content which is going to help out students be successful and to help them understand their lesson content.  While creating the designs we make sure that the students have an effective and logical navigational path through the presentation.  This is where Adobe Presenter really shines and all the leg work in PowerPoint pays off.

So once we have all the designs done, it is time to record the audio and create the videos.


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