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It never fails when I present at conferences that someone doesn’t ask me how you go through the process of working with teachers.  So I thought I would explain the  whole process and by doing so explain how I use one of my favorite programs out there.  That program is Adobe Presenter.  You can find the link to the site here.


I think in order to get different ideas of what’s possible with this program and others, you have to expand your mind and look at other areas.  Technology for me sometimes is not the only area to look and these magazines below are my bibles when it comes to different ideas.

There are some unbelievable smart people in this world and I have always thought why not learn from them if I can.  Man the ideas I get from just reading the articles.  As a matter of fact the idea for this set of tutorials came from an article I read in the Fast Company magazine. So in my opinion if you want to think differently, read something outside of your field and give yourself a chance to integrate other thinking into your work.  Same thinking  day in and day out does not give you a chance in my opinion to be the best teacher or person  you can be. Rock the boat, why not??




The process of working with teachers usually take the following steps:

  • meeting the teacher to listen to their ideas
  • integrating my ideas with theirs to give them a different perspective
  • reviewing their curriculum
  • understanding their lesson plan based on that curriculum
  • developing the concept
  • designing on paper
  • finding the assets
  • recording video and audio
  • editing those assets
  • getting their approval of those assets
  • designing prototype
  • testing and getting feedback from the teacher
  • making adjustments based on the teachers feedback
  • redesigning or making changes
  • retesting
  • getting the teachers approval
  • testing again on students
  • delivery of the product
  • teacher use the app in class
  • feedback is given to me
  • any changes necessary is carried out
  • end of process and move on to the next department/teacher

Phew!!!  I usually try to get all of this done in around 2 weeks. The only hangup if the teacher is busy or doesn’t have the assets to give me.  So in the coming weeks I will upload information about how I handle the process.  I will include my thoughts, videos and any illustrations to help me explain the process.   Examples of the illustrations are below.  I take this process when I working with teachers where I frame everything.  I am a very visual person and this help me keep on task.



2014-02-15 14.13.42

This way the teacher can see where we are going and both of us understand the whole process.  You have got to understand that most time it is your vision and people need to see what they cant envision. I created this guide to develop this series and without it I have found I could go off course.

I have found this with teachers also, you have to stick to the script so you don’t get off task and you need to make sure that the materials you are designing for is for your audience, the students.

So the task now is to get the videos done and uploaded.  As I created them I will post some illustrations showing how I am working.  First image of my work in After Effects is below.

After Effects

After Effects

Well got it done. Introduction video is here. This is the first in a series of videos.  I’m looking forward to now only explaining the process of developing materials for teachers and students but to give you an idea of how FANTASTIC a product Adobe Presenter is.  If you are starting your eLearning journey with out this product, you are not being as effective, in my opinion as you can be.

Just my opinion.


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