Learning Technologies Day with Adobe promoting Chiswick School

techReally enjoyed today. I had the opportunity to spend the day at the Learning Technologies Conference show, http://www.learningtechnologies.co.uk/  spreading the wonderful news about how Chiswick School is changing the landscape of technology  for our students.  People were lavish in their praise of both the technology we are using and the applications we have created using the Adobe tools.
I was invited by Gourav Sinha, a product Marketing Manager at Adobe for the eLearning tools. I was asked to speak about the goals Chiswick School has and talk about the Adobe tools and how we use them to create and distribute content to our students.

Gourav and Renaldo

Gourav and Renaldo

The conference, in its 15th year, it’s Europe’s leading showcase of technology supported workplace learning, so I really felt it was an honor to be there as we are working hard to prepare our students for that world in which we have no idea what the workplace will look like. The conference is being held at Olympia 2, London which has two halls packed with the latest learning technologies, innovation, best practice and Europe’s leading L&D conference.  

The conference provides a unique and exciting environment to see how businesses were using technologies in the workplace.

I had the opportunity to present, talk to visitors and showcase Chiswick School. Because of the wonderful products Adobe produces, it was easy to talk about the ease of use, what you could create and the integration of the products with each other.


It was really great to see some of my friends drop by the booth to lend their support.  Ian Usher, who works at Buckinghamshire Learning Trust and Shurwin H, a Freelance Media Producer/ Trainer.  Thanks guys it was GREAT to see you.


Next duties, eLearning video shoot with Adobe on Feb 3rd at Chiswick School.


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