A Joyous Day

Wow, today is a fantastic day for my family. More so for my son Andrew Lawrence but also for my mother who has seen a lot in her 87 years on this earth. Well today she saw her grandchild, Andrew receive his degree from University (College) the College of Charleston. Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 23.39.16Proud is a word that is an understatement for how I feel today. Gratitude for what blessing has be bestowed on me is so overwhelming sometimes. All the people who has played a part in his life to help him get to this point I thank you so much.
It is always a team game and throughout life it is the community (team) that helps you raise a child and you can only hope that the influence you (and the positive community) have on them sticks.
2013-05-11 23.24.08
2013-05-11 23.24.13
2013-05-11 23.24.22
His mother has done a wonderful job with him and am so happy to be able to see this day. So happy that she could be there to support him.
Check him out here!!
One more to go!!!!


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