I had the opportunity today to hangout with one of the most wonderful individuals I have had to chance to meet and spend time with. Anita’s blog can be found here.  She made me a cup of tea with honey (sweet) that just was perfect and with her three dogs we sat down to discuss Adobe Captivate and how it has allowed her to help others and make a living.  I found her so real, truthful and just great to listen to.  Her experience of the program and life makes her the perfect person to teach and deliver the Adobe Captivate curriculum. 2013-03-01 17.16.26

It is amazing how social media allows us to connect to individuals and as I said to Anita it is possible that I never would have known or met her with out the power of Twitter. Not only has she given me direction on how to use Adobe Captivate captivatein a more efficient manner, but her words has helped me become a better teacher for my students at St. John the Baptist school in Woking, Surrey (in England).

I think it can best be said by the beginning of a poem I read the other day. Like the wind whispering through the trees your spirit lifts me, teaching me valuable lessons.

Source: The Whispering Winds, Friends Forever Poem

My friend, thanks so much for welcoming me into your home and may our paths continue to cross and the fruits of our knowledge enhance others lives in ways we can not even think of.


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  1. You are so kind Renaldo. What a great experience meeting you and how interesting that I came from England and now you live in England. And I so enjoyed brainstorming about Adobe Captivate, teaching, and technology with you. You’re correct, social media is very powerful and brought our lives together in a very special way.

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