Advanced Skills Conference Day

Wow what a day. First of all I would like to thank Martin Flatman 2013-02-11 15.26.35Project Director for the National Assessment Agency for Advanced Skills Teachers and Excellent Teachers, Babcock 4SK) for the first class conference and accommodations in Birmingham and his wonderful staff who made the event a first class event.

The day started out with a wonderful breakfasts (it was still snowing outside) and the opportunity to meet and talk with Paul Chandler, a primary AST from Albemarle Primary school with some wonderful ideas based on questioning.

2013-02-11 11.26.41

The day continues with the keynote speaker Vic Goddard, the Principle of Passmores Academy, the star of the BAFTA-winning TV series “Educating Essex” discussing how the TV series came about and the lessons learn’t as a school. Vic spoke about his drive to make the school one of the best in the country, how at his school one of their main goal is to put the children first and how important it is to take each opportunity to use the human touch when dealing with students. The second half of his talk was about moral obligations we have as teachers to make sure we provide students with the best deal possible. The next part was a answer and discussion session where the audience gave feedback on how they felt about the questions he had on his presentation. An interesting keynote that was entertaining and engaging.

2013-02-11 13.16.48 My first session was with Paul Chandler, a primary AST from Albemarle Primary school who really made me think about open and close questioning and how to get the best of of the way you are questioning students. Very interesting session.

After lunch it was my time to deliver my session on multimedia and how I use it in my school and the other schools (5 of them) I’m involved with. From the feedback the session went well. Had the opportunity to demonstrate how I created some of the content using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator. Showed a lot of the ibooks_iconApple Ibook content I created along with the digital books. Gave a lot of resources out including the presentation (Business of Innovation2. Demonstrated how I use the fantastic program called Crazy Talk Animator from Reallusion. crazytalk
They loved the ability to import an image, record your voice and in less than 20 second and see the results. Amazing program with loads of potential.

The next session was with Ingrid Abrahams, Deputy Headteacher (Teaching and Learning) at Great Barr School who did as fantastic job speaking about her role. Ingrid has a huge role, which includes managing the strategic direction of Teaching and Learning, developing continuous professional development for over 300 staff, and managing the performance of all teaching staff.

2013-02-11 15.27.46
Ingrid spoke about setting up a hub for ASTs to share good practice. Very interesting and a very driven women. Heard loads about her and it was nice to finally meet her.

The final session was with Martin Flatman discussing the continuing role of ASTs in the country. Interesting!!

A great day with interesting conversations and different view points. However the one thing that was amazing being around other people who excellence was the norm. Hum, like being at SJB.

Adobe and Apple, thanks guys for helping me live the dream. The opportunity to help others develop their skills and show them a different view point has been wonderful. You guys provide the tools which helps me to help educate, enhance and show direction to so many. My hat is off to you.


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