Making Changes in 2013

Goals this year, I have decided that I have too much knowledge to keep it to myself or just share it with just my school, so I have made a decision I should have made years ago. I am going to start speaking at conferences and the first one is the AST conference in Birmingham City.
Date: Tuesday 22nd January 2013 | Holiday Inn Birmingham City

Here I am going to speak about the work I do with applications such as Adobe After Effects, CrazyTalk Animator, Adobe Edge Animate, Apple ibook Author, Adobe Premiere and other application which has allowed me to create content to help my students and teachers be successful.

I have been really fortune to work at various schools in the UK this and past years where I’ve created content for teacher to help their students with both exams and lessons. I have also had the unbelievable experience of being an Adobe Educational Leader, Apple Distinguished Educator and Microsoft Innovator Educator.

Some of the work can be found at

Article about the work I am doing can also be found here.

I also am talking to a company at present about selling some of the content I have created. Said to myself tonight and it is about damn time.

Friends from my Adobe group (also Twitter) like @TomGreen and @JosephLabrecque has always encouraged me to do so, so here goes guys I am joining your group. You guys have been great role models and I thank you.


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