Developing skills and Confidence

Working with various schools trying to implement ICT throughout the school, or just trying to get started thinking outside the box with ICT, I think it is important to understand that what matters is that you just started. Start somewhere. As long as you ensure the student’s safety and their well-being are accounted for just do it.

On another topic, We worry about students knowing more about computers than we do.
You will be amazed at how little some students know when you what them to create something even as simple as a table using Microsoft Word or enter data into Microsoft Excel and using a formula, add the columns to get a total. Try it sometimes, ask them to create a table in Microsoft Word, format the table and then add some content to the odd or even cells or create a Excel spreadsheet and calculate the total for a range of cells.
I was surprise when visiting a school and I asked the students to carry out this task most of them had not a clue. Year 9 students.

My point is that I think in my opinion, yes if you ask students to play games they (most of them) have skills that are out of this world. But in terms of skills required for some jobs and what job doesn’t required that you track expenses (who doesn’t want to get paid), some students do not know how to carry out these tasks. I’m talking about real world skills to help them succeed in life.

So I think I think as teacher it is our job to teach these students how to carryout real world tasks that will help prepare them for the real world. Example, instead of just giving them random numbers to calculate, why not ask them to bring in their parents or guardian’s shopping list, or have them go through their kitchens and find out how much some of the ingredients cost, bring the information in to school and then create a list to help their parents or guardian that could be updated each week once set up if necessary (using Microsoft Excel).
(they could even use the Internet in class to navigate to the site where their parents or guardian shop and find the prices to add to their spreadsheet. While they are they why not get an image of the product to make it easy for the user to understand what the product is they are purchasing.)
If student(s) don’t have a computer at home, think outside the box and let them use their mobile phone. There are plenty of applications now or just free spreadsheet application students can use.

i guess my point is that now we need to more than ever try and give out students an advantage to get ahead in life. Jobs are hard to find and keep. The more skills our students have the more opportunity I think they have of getting a job and keeping that job.

It starts with helping students not only develop skills but it is so important to help them gain confidence in themselves, soooooooooo important.

Just a thought……


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