BETT 2011 – Creativity in the Classroom

This BETT show has been one of the best shows I have had the opportunity to attend and work at. I spend most of my time at the Adobe stand where I watched some of the fantastic presentation given by some outstanding Adobe Educational Leaders. From Colin Maxwell and his 3D work in Photoshop (along with bringing the 3D glasses for the audience) to Ross Wallis.

Colin's audience with 3D glasses
Colin Maxwell doing his 3D thing

Liz Wilkins and her team at Adobe did a marvelous job of making sure people were both entertained and informed about the great products that Adobe produces. The level of detail they went to to make sure customers and visitors were happy was a thing of beauty to behold. I saw a lot of happy faces from customers and visitors to the stand.

Ross Wallis and the work he is doing with his students. The way he explains how to use Photoshop is amazing and I wish I could take his classes.
Ross Wallis presenting at the Adobe stand

One of the great things Adobe has done is manage to get prime position at the show. The stand was packed all during the day and for each of the sessions. There is a big push towards Creativity in the Classroom and Adobe has positioned itself to be a continual leader in that field. The stand was great and allowed both those who were seated or standing to get a real good look at the presentations.Adobe's Creativity in the Classroom stand

Other outstanding presentations I saw were from Saiqa Liaqat who is doing some fantastic work at her school. She was amazing and her use of Photoshop and the other Adobe tools were eye opening to me. I learn’t a lot just watching her demonstrations.
Saiqa Liaqat presentation on the Adobe stand

Another really great learning experience I had was watching the masterful Ian Usher speak about his use of Adobe Connect and the use of it in schools that he supports. I found it amazing how he has now acquired the knowledge to give concrete support to the staff and students. His ability to identify areas where you could struggle with the technology really saved me a lot of trouble in the future. Great job Ian and thanks buddy.

I also had the opportunity to speak with Stephen Heppell about the work he is doing and the outstanding progress he is making with students from a variety of schools. I was really impressed with his vision and how approachable a person he was.Stephen Heppell at BETT

One of my other favorite people I had the chance to hangout with is John Davitt. He has really help the thinking around teacher development (follow John here) and learning. Always great to hear his views on education and technology.John Davitt

Well another year and as far as I’m concern another very successful year for BETT.


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