Ipad, iphone and mobile website

Just got through creating and delivering my assignment for student to finish before they come back to school. Wanted to make sure that the students had every way of accessing the content and not just the normal website way. Created a ipad application, mobile website for any mobile device and blog for them to access their school assignment for the rest of the year.

One of the ways I have been able to allow my students to have the information they require (no Internet access required and regardless of the platform they are on) and that has been a tremendous assets, is the ability to create Air applications for my student to install at home.  (Air link here)

This is important to me because they have to understand whats required, what they need to complete and the best way of accomplishing those goals.  The best way for my students to learn is anyway they want to learn. It is my job as a teacher to provide the stimulus, methods and applications that will allow them to be successful.  But then to be open for their ideas and more important to listen to their suggestions.

Mobile site – http://unit10.ubik.net/

Personal website – http://www.rllearning.com


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