This is one of the videos that has made the most impact on how I view education. I feel that we need to make major changes in how we deliver content to our students and we need to make sure we are using the technologies they use to better reach them.  Be that mobile learning, regardless of the device, regardless of the type of phone, blogs, computers, and regardless of the delivery methods.  We just need to educate our kids.

If we don’t we will loose them.  I dont know about you but I want a real positive world where students (future adults, WILL MAKE THE right choices and changes). Because at the moment, it ain’t happening.



    • What I wish is that I could make every child understand the value of the wonderful technology age they are in.
      But hey, for the little we had, I didn’t understand then that it was that important and can understand why they act the way they do! At least until I figured out how it could help me in the real world. Now that is a concept, applying classroom teaching to the real world.
      My job? To pester the hell out of them so at least they will think about it. Hopefully!! O’yea and to make sure it is allllllllll fun!!!!

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